S.G. Edelweiss St. Paul Welcomes You!

Sitt und Tracht der Alten, wollen wir erhalten!

Edelweiss CALENDAR:


Booking and Contact Information for S.G. Edelweiss St. Paul

S.G. Edelweiss St. Paul is available for booking throughout the year!

We have performed at everything from fairs and festivals to Oktoberfests and private parties. Make S.G. Edelweiss St. Paul a fixture in your event for this year and years to come.

Booking and Information Requests: Mark LaCourse

Join S.G. Edelweiss St Paul!

S. G. Edelweiss practices every Monday night at the Klub Haus located at 1079 Rice St. in St. Paul. Everyone is invited to attend and participate!

Please click to go to the membership page for details and information about joining S.G.Edelweiss St. Paul!

Photographs of three youth dancers in the S.G. Edelweiss St Paul German Folk Dance Ensemble.  Booking and Contact Information Page